Wedding Dress Services

The memories of your wedding day will never fade away, and neither should your wedding dress!

We understand that wedding dresses are some of people’s most prized possessions, so we treat each and every wedding dress with extra care and attention. Wedding dress cleaning and preservation is not just standard dry cleaning. We know this and give each dress an assessment to know its individual, unique cleaning needs to ensure your dress ends up looking as fresh and beautiful as the day it was worn. If you want your dress preserved after cleaning, our specialist will do that too! 

Woman looking at wedding dresses
bright white wedding dresses
  • We start our cleaning/preservation process by meeting with you in person and giving your dress a 25+ point inspection
  • We clean and prep your dress based upon the inspection, revisiting those points with you along the way
  • After confirming everything is as it should be with you, we carefully seal and preserve your dress, ensuring it will last a lifetime