We’re more than just dry cleaners–we’re your one-stop-shop for all things fabric care!

Shamrock Cleaners offers various fabric care services, in addition to dry cleaning, to keep your special belongings in pristine condition. We are your go-to for any fabric and garment needs, from clothing to bags to bedding and linens!

Dry Cleaning

We pride ourselves on high quality dry cleaning that goes above and beyond!

Pickup & Delivery

Let us make your life a little easier with our convenient, complimentary pickup and delivery service!

Stain Removal

Nothing is worse than staining a new outfit or household item and scrambling to try to remove it as fast as possible.

Wet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not always the best choice for all fabrics or household items, so that’s where wet cleaning comes in.


An important aspect of fabric and garment care is making alterations when needed, which is why we offer alteration services in our store!

Wash & Fold Laundry

Forget long, boring trips to the laundromat–call us to do your laundry for you instead! 

Linen & Household Cleaning

Many household fabrics can easily be destroyed by attempting to wash them at home.

Fur Cleaning

Fur cleaning is different from other types of cleaning and should only be done by professionals.

Clothing & Garment Sanitation

Shamrock Cleaners is the only dry cleaner in Tallahassee that uses the fabric sanitizer ENDEX-99!

Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Our special method of cleaning will leave your leathers looking as good as the day you got them! 

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation is not just standard dry cleaning.

Wedding Dress Preservation

The memories of your wedding day will never fade away, and neither should your wedding dress!