Fur and Leather Restoration & Cleaning

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Leather Restoration & Cleaning

Chances are, you own a piece of clothing or an accessory made out of some form of leather. Leather boots, bags, belts, and jackets all see the same wear and tear as regular clothing, especially your favorite pieces. Because of leather's unique properties, it can't just be tossed into the wash like other fabrics which is why we offer leather cleaning and restoration services. We use a special method of cleaning specifically for leather that will leave your leathers looking as good as the day you got them! 

  • We start with a detailed inspection of your items to note everywhere that needs care and special leather cleaning
  • We locate scuffs and stains, repair them carefully by hand, and recolour the leather as needed with our unique color-match system
  • We finish by replenishing the essential oils of the material and taking care of any other needs it may have, such as broken zippers or missing buttons

Fur Cleaning

Fur cleaning is different from other types of cleaning and should only be done by professionals. Our cleaning experts will clean your furs carefully, returning them to you refreshed, restored, and as beautiful as ever!

  • Store furs in cloth bags only to allow them to breathe–no plastic bags
  • Furs should be kept on durable, broad-shouldered hangers to help maintain their shape
  • Do not try to clean your furs at home with store-bought cleaners or you risk damaging them forever
Dry cleaning services

You can trust us to take care of your most-valued items and return them to like-new condition for you to wear time and time again!