Dry & Wet Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning

We pride ourselves on high quality dry cleaning that goes above and beyond! Upon dropping off your clothing or household items, our professionals perform a detailed inspection before washing, cleaning, or pressing them. As they transition through each stage of the process, we continuously inspect your items. Once the cleaning process is complete, we inspect each of your items again before returning them to you. Your items might look even better than when you purchased them! 

  • We pretreat shirt collars and any heavily soiled areas on clothing & household goods brought to us to ensure they leave our store as clean as possible
  • We check for broken buttons or fasteners (and fix them when possible) and then for worn, damaged, or stained materials that need extra TLC
  • We recognize how special your items are, so we pay extra attention to making sure they are handled correctly based on each item’s unique needs

Wet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not always the best choice for all fabrics or household items, so that’s where wet cleaning comes in. Dry cleaning is used for delicate items and materials that cannot survive tumbling in a washer and/or dryer, and this process does not involve water, only a liquid solvent. Wet cleaning, on the other hand, does involve water in the cleaning process. Throughout our wet cleaning process, we determine and tailor the exact water and solvent levels for each of your items’ specific needs. Finally, we make sure to dry each item in its ideal drying conditions to prevent over-drying or misshaping. 

  • We will assess your items upon receiving them to determine which cleaning service is best for each item
  • Effectively removes stains like sweat, urine, etc.
  • Gentle on fabrics and customers with sensitive skin

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