Stain Removal & Alterations

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Stain Removal

Nothing is worse than staining a new outfit or household item and scrambling to try to remove it as fast as possible. Luckily, we can help! We're experts at stain removal, especially from delicate and dry clean only materials. We take extra care of your items by pretreating any stains or heavily soiled areas upon dropoff. We will have your clothing, linens, and even area rugs looking spot free and brand new, taking the guesswork out of fabric care! In a pinch? We offer same-day rush services!


An important aspect of fabric and garment care is making alterations when needed, which is why we offer alteration services in our store! Our alteration services include, but are not limited to: repairing holes or tears, hemming bottoms, shortening sleeves, replacing buttons or zippers, and more. For additional information about our alteration services, give us a call!

Dry cleaning services

Same-Day Rush Available!