What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Had a great experience here recently.”

Had a great experience here recently. I explained to the owner that I was in a pinch, and that if possible, I needed my dry cleaning back the following day. I also had some staining on a pair of slacks that another dry cleaner was unable to get out. I was happily able to pick up my clothes early the next day, and Shamrock was able to remove the stains and even some damage done by the aforementioned dry cleaner to a sports coat that I own.

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Gregory S.

“What a great experience.”

What a great experience. Needed a quick turnaround, and Mimi and the team delivered big time. I spoke with several employees while Mimi checked a few things and what a happy bunch of campers! When I picked up my cleaning, I was offered a cookie and something to drink by the young lady with the biggest smile. Other businesses in Tallahassee should visit and see how customer service is supposed to be. Thanks everyone.

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Tom J.

“Best Dry Cleaners in Tallahassee! ”

Best Dry Cleaners in Tallahassee! Everything is done in house so it is quick and professional, plus the drive through dry clean pickup is a must have convenience!

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Matthew F.

“Shamrock understands excellent customer service.”

This has got to be one of the most efficient dry cleaners in town. You want your clothes back fast? This is the place. Without a doubt, Shamrock understands excellent customer service.

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Marc P.