November 14, 2023

About Tallahassee's First Self-Serve Dry Cleaning Kiosk

The future of dry cleaning has officially made it to North Florida in a big way.

About Tallahassee's First Self-Serve Dry Cleaning Kiosk

The future of dry cleaning has officially made it to North Florida in a big way. We’re happy to introduce the first-ever self-serve dry cleaning kiosk in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Our self-serve kiosk elevates the customer experience while giving the customer more independence when running errands. Keep reading to learn more about Tallahassee’s first self-serve dry cleaning kiosk!

Your Dry Cleaning at Your Convenience

Many of our customers work early or late hours, making it difficult to run their dry cleaning errands in the past. Our self-serve kiosk addresses that issue while bringing a new level of convenience to your fingertips. It is safe, convenient, fast, and available seven days a week. Say goodbye to lengthy waits and hello to a seamless, user-friendly process that allows you to drop off your items when you have the time. Want to drop off or pick up early before work? No problem! 

Easier Process, Same Great Results

Wondering how it all works? It's as simple as tapping a few buttons and placing your garments into the kiosk. First, you’ll tap the screen to begin, and it will prompt you to log in or create an account. From there, it will instruct you on how to drop off your garments. Next, you wait! You can even download the Shamrock Cleaners app to track your order. In 24 hours or less after dropping off your clothes, you’ll receive a notification that they’re ready for pickup. When you come in to pick up your items, you’ll return to the screen and repeat the process. You can even use a coupon at our kiosk—just ask an attendant for assistance!

Your Questions Answered

Q: Can I trust the kiosk with my more delicate items?

A: Absolutely! Our kiosk is designed to handle a variety of fabrics with care.

Q: How long does the cleaning process take?

A: Most items are ready for pickup within 24 hours. Oversized items, specialty items, or large orders may take longer, but we will let you know—when in doubt, just ask!

Q: Is assistance available if I need it?

A: While the kiosk is designed for easy use, our friendly staff is happy to walk you through how to use it. During our normal business hours, the staff is always available for assistance. Note: The kiosk opens earlier and stays open later on most days, so we ask you to stop by during our normal business hours if you think you’ll need assistance.  

Q: When is the kiosk available?

A: Kiosk Hours:

Monday - Friday | 5:00 am- 6:00 pm

Saturday | 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday | 5:00 am- 11:00 am

Note: An attendant will only be available during normal business hours.

Experience the Future of Dry Cleaning

Ready to experience the convenience and efficiency of Tallahassee's only self-serve dry cleaning kiosk? Swing by our location and give it a try. At Shamrock, we’re always looking for ways to improve our operations with new technology, allowing us to offer the best customer experience possible. Our location also has a drive-thru if that’s your preference. Simplify your dry cleaning routine while enjoying impeccable results—it's a win-win! Contact us today for more information.